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Here you will find the winners of each competition (past and present).

Photos of the trophy recipients at the 2019.20 Presentation night held at the Moody Cow, Llanarth.

Roll of Honour 2021.2022
Division 1 Winners   Penparcau A
Division 1 R/U  Felindre B
Division 2 Winners  Lampeter
Division 2 R/U  Llanarth A
Team Singles KO Winners Felindre A
Team Singles KO R/U  Rhydlewis A
Team Singles & Doubles KO Winners  Penparcau B
Team Singles & Doubles KO R/U  Withdrawn
Singles Winner  Gwynant Ellis (Penparcau A)
Singles R/U  James Wilson (Penparcau B)
Doubles Winners Chris Herbert & Barry Brown (Felindre A) 
Doubles R/U Gareth Davies & Gwynant Ellis (Penparcau A)
Handicapped Singles Winner Geraint Davies (Aberaeron D)
Handicapped Singles R/U Daryl Walters (Aberaeron B)
Handicapped Doubles Winners  Adrian Williams (Aberaeron B) & Peter Williams (Felindre B)
Handicapped Doubles R/U Rhodri Morgan (Aberaeron D) & Gavin Jones (Llanarth A)
Over 40’s Winner Gareth Davies (Penparcau A)
Over 40’s R/U Brian Smith (Llandysul B)
Under 40’s Lee Davies (Lampeter)
Under 40’s R/U Bedwyr Davies (Llandysul B)
Captains Winner Tony Wong (Penparcau B)
Captains R/U Marc Rees (Felindre B)
Division 2 Singles Winner Brian Smith (Llandysul B)
Division 2 Singles R/U Mitch Thompson (Beulah)
Most Frames Won Division 1 Gwynant Ellis (Penparcau B)
Most Frames Won Division 2  Steve Griffiths (Llanon)
Highest Break Division 1  Marc Rees (Felindre B) 76
Highest Break Division 2  Lee Davies (Lampeter) 61

NOTE: Not all results are available for update to the website. If any of these results are known please pass on this information to the league secretary.

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