KO Cup Singles/Doubles

Welcome to the page for the KO Cup Singles / Doubles (and three hander)
Note: As per motion carried in the meeting on 6′th January 2011, the three hander has to be the final game played.
Note: Three dates of different days need to be given for the preliminary rounds by the home team captain.  Every effort should be made to ensure all fixtures are played by the scheduled date(s).

Draw below for 2018/19:
All KO Cup Semi Finals and Finals Venues should be decided between the two opposing team captains. If team captains fail to agree on a suitable venue then the next available neutral venue from the rotation list MUST be used.

By  : 31/01/2019 By  : 07/02/2019 By  : 28/02/2019 By  : 14/03/2019 28/03/2019
Prelimenary Round First Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Aberaeron A v Llanon Aberaeron A Aberaeron A  Aberaeron A  
Llanarth v Rhydlewis B Llanarth      
Felindre C v Aberaeron D Aberaeron D Aberaeron D    
  Llandysul C      
  Llandysul B      
  Rhydlewis A Rhydlewis A    
  Rhydlewis C Felindre B Felindre B Felindre B
  Felindre B      
  Felindre A Felindre A Felindre A  
  Aberaeron B      
  Llandysul A Llandysul A    
  Beulah B      
  Aberaeron C      
  Penparcau Penparcau Penparcau Penparcau 
  Felindre D Felindre D    


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